Connected cocktail machine

You can find the full documentation, code and 3d files on :





Call for volunteers

If you want to participate at the "connected cocktail machine" project then this topic is for you otherwise do not loose your time here.

After this first version I'm looking for people to help me on this open source project. The goal is to propose "pull requests" for new features or modifications.

Here is the list of features to improve the project (Do not hesitate to propose others):
- Submit an UX (User eXperience) and a design for the web page
- Re-make the web page (css / html) according to the UX / design
- Fix the smartconfig bug
- Add auto tests
- Delete wifi ssid / mdp with push button
- Re-make the socket part for IFTTT
- Reset the A4988 module when the step motors are not used
- Use the PWM for LED handling
- Create doxygen documentation
- And more ...

I know that any job deserves a salary but I have nothing to you offer. But I can send you a bare PCB  to make your own machine (only for the first 5 most motivated volunteers). 

Thank you for your time.


Call for volunteers