Streaming video

In this video, you look at video streaming (320x240, 640x480) using the Beaglebone black. To realise this c language project i used: v4l driver, compression and decompression JPEG, UDP protocol transfer, openCV image show.

You find the code on GitHub :


Sujet: Streaming video

How to use

Jose 09/01/2016
What Ip address are we referencing after calling the program? and what is the 8000 value stand for?

realloc Error

Alberto 08/06/2015
I have this error:

root@beaglebone:/home/debian/Webcam-IP-BeagleBone/CodeBeagle# ./ClCamIp.out 8000


Ip addr:
Send UDP
*** glibc detected *** ./ClCamIp.out: realloc(): invalid next size: 0x00012438 ***

Re: realloc Error

Mras2an 10/06/2015
what is your glibc version ?

404 broken link

M. Joshi 26/10/2014
Dear Sir.

The GitHub link to the code no longer works?

Re: 404 broken link

i've the same probleme

Re: 404 broken link

it's ok

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