Download my toolchain on git:

Getting Crosstool-ng :

Get the latest 1.13.x release of Crosstool-ng at Expand the
archive right in the current directory, and enter the Crosstool-ng source directory.

Installing Crosstool-ng :

We can either install Crosstool-ng globally on the system, or keep it locally in its download
directory. We’ll choose the latter solution.

$ ./configure --local
$ make
$ make install

Then you can get Crosstool-ng help by running

$ ./ct-ng help

after that configur crosstool and build.

$ ./ct-ng menuconfig
Paths and misc options
Prefix directory : donner le chemin final du compilateur. Par exemple ${HOME}/local/cross/arm
Render the toolchain read-only : disable
Number of parallel jobs : 4
Target options
Target Architecture : arm
Floating point : softfp
Toolchain options
Tuple's vendor string : Mras2an
Operation system
Target OS : Linux
C compiler
gcc version : 4.5.3
C++ : enable
C library : glibc
glibc version : 2.14.1
Minimum supported kernel version : specific kernel version
Minimum kernel version to support : 2.6.9
$ ./ct-ng build


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